Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Near the end of a 9 hour drive (this last leg heading right into the sun), I prepare to merge onto the interstate.  Checking the side mirror the way looks clear.  I look over my left shoulder, drifting ever so slightly toward that lane, and see a small car in my blind spot.  Righting myself in my own lane I watch the young man speed past me yelling, bobbing his head, and gesturing wildly as he drives past.  His license plate reads AUNT BEBE.

With no one directly behind him, I merge in, just a little close for comfort (because I’m a jerk) and watch him looking in his rearview mirror, bobbing his head and gesturing at me.  I ride there for a couple of minutes enjoying the show, until the highway divides and he veers to the right.  As I pass him on the left, I see he has a peace sign sticker on the door to his gas cap.



  1. It never's always the guy carrying a peace sign who hasen't a clue what that symbol stands for!

  2. Total irony, Lee Ann. Ridiculous to get worked up over stuff like that.

  3. I'm actually a little amazed that I was able to watch him with amusement - my typical reaction would be righteous indignation!