Friday, July 8, 2011

A change

The interior of the car must have been 110 degrees.  He’d forgotten to leave a window cracked this morning.  Starting the car, four people on the nearby sidewalk turned and gave him a dirty look when his muffler roared to life.  Pulling out of the lot, the fuel light came on. 

“Peachy.  That’s just peachy.”  He flipped on the radio in time to hear the last 8 bars of his favorite song, and six minutes of commercials. 

At the gas station, he stepped in gum and spilled gas on the hem of his trousers.  He sighed.  If this was instant karma coming to bite him on the ass, he was having none of it.  He was a good man – considerate, thoughtful, always tried to do the right thing. 

As he started the car, Sheryl Crow’s song “A Change Will Do You Good” came on the radio.  He pulled out of the station, turned the opposite direction of home, and kept driving.

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  1. All I can say is "Wow!" You have captured a little "slice of life" so artfully! Nice!

  2. Thanks Linda. One of those kind of days that we can all identify with, huh?

  3. This is a wonderful beginning of a strong story. I can almost feel his frustration. Got to love Sheryl Crow for hopefully changing the course of his day. I want to know where he drove to and what happens next.

  4. For me, the endless possibilities set up by turning the other direction is the point of the story.