Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat waves

Sitting on the back porch, feeling a bit like steamed broccoli.  The hot, humid weather is seeping into my pores and washing away toxins, worries, and all traces of motivation.

On a day like this the speed of modern life, multitasking, rushing from one place to the next – those things become mere concepts, impossibilities that echo down the corridors of my mind. 

I wonder why they seemed so important yesterday.

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  1. I know this feeling too well. What part of the world are you in? I'm in GA and I think the temp is supposed to reach 100. I'm staying inside. I get concerned over the elderly on fixed incomes in this type weather.

  2. Here in Houston, where everyone is freaked out over the tiny amount of rainfall we've experienced. Walking to the driveway gets me lightheaded.

  3. I watched on the news the sidewalks buckling from the heat in Oklahoma. It looked awful! It is overcast at the beach in California today...a perfect sort of day, but just so you know I am sympathizing with you, I have decided to take my daughter to IKEA and do some college room shopping. I may never get out of that store alive...I swear they make the exit ridiculously hard to find. Hang in there everyone!

  4. I'm in Indiana. Yesterday the temp was around 96, but the heat index was 116 according to the news. I don't really mind it if I can sit in the shade and have an ice cold drink. In fact, I'd rather do that than sit in the air conditioning. I can feel all the tension seep out of my muscles, and I end up languid and content. Just don't ask me to make you dinner.

  5. I'm in Houston, which is experiencing the worst drought in its history. However, it's raining this afternoon for the first time in weeks. I keep going to the windows to look out and make sure. Wheee!

  6. I hate this kind of heat with such a passion. Stay as cool as you can. Move as little as possible. You certainly sound like you know how to cope with this awful heat!