Friday, July 29, 2011

Lara’s new day

The dawn brought a beautiful sunrise.  Shades of pink, coral, salmon shifting to tangerine and lemon as the sun rose.  The gentlest of breezes played a background to the song of the mourning dove outside Lara’s window.

Lara’s calico cat stood up at the foot of the bed, stretched and began to purr.  The thin shaft of early morning sun coming through the window formed a halo around her.  Lara covered her head with the pillow and pushed the cat off the bed. 

Nothing trumps the determination to be melancholy.

durer  Albrecht Durer
Melancolia I


  1. I liked the way this went - a Helen Steiner Rice card gone astray!

  2. In so few words you brought me to melancholy lane and dropped me off! Love the last line. It's perfect.

  3. Thanks Annie! Although I feel a little bad for stranding you on Melancholy Lane!

  4. OMG Beverly! I love that "Helen Steiner rice card gone astray!" Thanks!