Monday, August 1, 2011

The answer.

“This has to stop!  You can’t end violence with more violence. Every injustice, every innocent wronged, every insult piles up one upon another until the violence becomes all consuming.  There has to be a way to break that cycle.  You have to find it.”

Jerry’s eyes were glazed as he listened, swaying slightly, trying to wipe the blood from his hands.  She had always been such a little snot, a know-it-all.  She didn’t understand that none of this was a choice he’d made – he was simply the vehicle.  Who held the controls?  Who cares?  He only knew it wasn’t him. 

“Jerry, please.  You know I’m right.”

A hard edged glimmer returned to his eyes, his breathing quickened.   He felt rather than saw that his sister tensed, knowing she had said exactly the wrong thing.

Drawing himself up to his full height, he took a deep breath and stood motionless for a fraction of a second – the time it took his brain to communicate with his abdomen, pierced by the bullet.

“I’m sorry, Jerry.  I guess maybe violence is the answer.”


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