Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August morn

The light has changed.

The seasons develop an identity crisis before releasing their hold on the year.  It is mid-August, but the golden slant of the morning light hints at late September.  The sun is no longer breaking through the trees and onto my face to serve as alarm clock.  Crickets sing as they did in June, but now their song is a sad one, an elegy for the fullness of summer.

It is mid-August, I can’t relinquish the summer yet.  But the light has changed.


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  1. For some reason, this post made me feel very sad. I hate the fall season. Everything dies. Ugh!

  2. Not everything dies! I love fall. I think of trees, how they shed their tawdry, tatty clothing - the stale fashions of spring and summer, pull their sap way down into themselves and patiently wait out the winter. In spring they wake up refreshed and full of gorgeous neon green frills. It reminds me that it's ok for me to do that too when it's necessary - to hibernate and refresh myself.

  3. Funny how the change of light may occur before other things - an ease in heat, for example.

    SoCal, we're just getting our summer on now. Will prolly stay hot through October.

  4. I sometimes wonder if the changing light is the catalyst.

  5. Before I moved to a climate that refuses to visit the seasons, I witnessed the same pattern of light. As much as I tried to enjoy each moment, I was constantly looking ahead to the daylight that I would miss, the grass which would turn brown, the leaves that would fall, and the cadaver gray sky that would lay me just as flat and lifeless. Oops...I didn't mean to get all doom-and-gloom!

  6. No problem Annie - I understand what you're saying. I was born in October and have always wondered if that had something to do with my love of fall. And one of my favorite things to do is to kick my way down a sidewalk through crunchy fallen leaves - crisp air, the smell of a wood fire. I'm looking forward to it as always, but I love the summer and hate to see it go too. :)